Basic Needs

FRESH Basic Needs Hub⠀⠀⠀

Welcome to the FRESH Basic Needs Hub!

Welcome to the FRESH Basic Needs Hub!

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Section 3

FRESH is located at the end of Lot 5

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday from 10AM-5PM

FRESH Offers:

A full food and toiletry pantry
Confidential consultations
Access to supplemental meal swipes
Various life skills workshops
A community kitchenette
Inclusive restrooms & ramp accessibilty
Free 15-minute parking spots

Upcoming Events

FRESH offers a wide variety of skill-building and resource-connecting programs and events throughout the year! Our social media platforms and newsletter offer the most up-to-date news on our calendar filled with insightful and engaging programs! Check out our "Get Skills" tab for upcoming and past events.