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Emergency Meal Swipes

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What is EMS?

Emergency Meal Swipes (EMS) is an application-based service that helps students who are experiencing food insecurity and/or a student-related emergency, access several healthy and well-balanced meals offered at UCI's Dining Commons.

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  • Be enrolled at UCI and is a registered student at UCI
  • Indicate a lack of regular source of sufficient nourishment
  • Not have an alternative source of meal options (i.e. all-access meal plan, 5-day meal plan, limited meal plan, or voluntary meal plan)

*Citizenship status does not affect eligibility.

*If you are CalFresh eligible, you must apply for CalFresh with one of our Advocates before applying to EMS.

steps to get swipes

Step 1: Fill out the Online Application

  • Please note that incomplete applications (ex: vague answers, missing award letter, missing budget) will not be reviewed.
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Step 2: Submit Your Budget Worksheet & Financial Aid Award Letter

  1. Budget Worksheet Sample/Template
  2. How to access Award Letter: (you may skip this step if you don't receive financial aid)
    • Login to: My Aid (OFAS)
    • Go to: "Print My Forms"
    • Select: "Award Summary"
    • Download the PDF version of your "Financial Aid Award Summary"
      • This form contains your name and your dependent/independent status

Download Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Meal Swipes below!