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Emergency Meal Swipe Program

Section 1

The Emergency Meal Swipe Program (EMSP) helps students that are experiencing food insecurity and/or a student emergency, access to several healthy and well-balanced meals offered at UCI's Dining Commons.

Fall 2020 Program Application:



  • Be enrolled and a registered student at UCI
  • Indicate the lack of a regular source of sufficient nourishment
  • Not have an alternative source of meal options (i.e. all access meal plan, 5-day meal plan, limited meal plan, or voluntary meal plan)
*Citizenship status does not affect eligibility
*If you are CalFresh eligible, you must apply for CalFresh with one of our Advocates before applying for EMSP

Steps To Get Swipes:

Fill out the online application

Fill out the Fall 2020 application here! Coming in September 2020.

  • Because this is a Google Form, please make sure you are logged into your UCI email when accessing this form
  • Please note that incomplete applications (ex: vague answers, missing award letter, missing budget) will not be reviewed
  • If you need immediate/additional assistance, please fill out the application and make an in-person appointment with our Director, Andrea Gutierrez, here.

Submit your budget sheet and financial aid award letter

In the application, you will need to submit a Budget Worksheet and your Financial Aid Award Letter to our Director. Find the instructions to access both documents below:

  • [Budget Worksheet Sample/Template]
  • How to access Award Letter: (you may skip this step if you don't receive financial aid)
    • Login to: My Aid (OFAS)
    • Go to: "Print My Forms"
    • Select: "Award Summary"
    • Download the PDF version of your "Financial Aid Award Summary"
      • This form contains your name and your dependent/independent status
Using Swipes

How To Use Your Swipes:

To use your new swipes, simply visit any of UCI's dining halls (The Anteatery in Mesa or Brandywine in Middle Earth). At the front desk, please provide the attendant with your UCI Student ID card for them to swipe you in.