Basic Needs

Financial Fitness Workshops

Section 1

Instructor: Andrea Gutierrez
Date & Time: Winter Quarter Tuesday's 5-6:20PM
Location: FRESH Basic Needs Hub
Course Code: 86560
Units: 1.3
Pass/No Pass

Course Description:

In an effort to empower students with financial literacy education, the Financial Fitness Program will be offered to UCI students with the mission of promoting sound financial management which is aligned with the mission and vision of the FRESH Basic Needs Hub and NWOC. This seminar will provide students with zero to little financial knowledge, the opportunity to build skills and knowledge around financial literacy and wellness.

Seminar Objectives:

  • Introduce low-cost banking services with the goal of banking the unbanked & underbanked
  • Understand the difference between a bank & credit union
  • Assist students in understanding predatory lending
  • Introduce students to the benefits of developing a spending plan
  • Introduce tools to establish or reestablish credit
  • Introduce best practices to increase a credit score
  • Increase the financial literacy confidence of students 
Financially Fit