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New! Summer 2021 FRESH Hub Membership Registration Form 

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Farm-to-FRESH vouchers help supplement our pantry distributions with additional access to fruits and vegetables. Through this program, our pantry visitors who are still experiencing food insecurity can apply to receive additional food support and quarterly receive vouchers to use at the Tanaka Farms Produce Market Stand.

Please note that we are requiring applicants to first tap into our food & toiletry pantry distributions before applying for supplemental support via these vouchers. Visit our FRESH Pantry page for more information about our pantry distributions. 

Check out this story about our Farm-to-Fresh Program!


  • Must currently be using the FRESH Emergency food & toiletry pantry and still facing food insecurity challenges before applying for supplemental support via these vouchers. Visit our FRESH Pantry page for more information about our pantry distributions

  • Must be currently enrolled (Summer session) or a continuing students (enrolled in Fall 2021) to be able to apply

  • As the funding for this program is more limited for 21-22, only students with higher needs and have no alternative access to resources will be prioritized

  • Students must submit an application via Campus Groups

  • The application will automatically close once we reach capacity for Summer 2021 and will not reopen until Fall 2021 once all Summer vouchers have been exhausted. Note that we only have 2,200 vouchers per term so we are estimating being able to only support approximately 200 students per quarter.

  Apply Here  

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After submitting an application

  1. Allow up to 5 business days for your application to be reviewed. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your application has been reviewed. 

  2. Student’s application will be marked as approved or rejected in Campus Groups.

  3. Approved applicants must pick-up their own vouchers at the FRESH Basic Needs Hub during our Wednesday pantry distributions between 10-2pm starting on 7/14. No exceptions apply. 

    • Please note you will be receiving one allocation of vouchers for the entire Summer based on the month of the Summer when you are approved. Vouchers are no longer distributed on a monthly basis, so please plan accordingly as no additional vouchers will be issued in one same term. Terms the program will run in 2021-22: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

    • Vouchers will be distributed as follows based on need basis using a rubric assessment that was developed to equitably distribute vouchers in this new iteration of the program. 

      • July approved applicants: 9, 6, or 3 vouchers per term

      • August approved applicants: 6, 4, or 2 vouchers per term

      • September approved applicants: 3, 2, or 1 voucher per term

  4. The student recipient must write their UCI Student ID at the top right corner of the voucher to pay and be present at time of redemption. Please note that these vouchers are restricted to food purchases only.

  How do I use my vouchers?

  1. Visit Tanaka Farms (5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612) during their hours of operation and use your vouchers as a form of payment. We encourage you to visit the Farm Monday through Thursday from 9am-4pm for shorter wait times.

  2. Follow the signs for the Produce Market Stand.

    • Visit Tanaka Farms Drive-Thru → shop from your car window

      • a Tanaka Farms staff member will be standing at the market stand and you will shop from your car window. OR

    • Visit the Walk-Up Produce Market Stand → walk-up to shop 

      • The Walk-up process allows you to walk up to the produce stand adjacent to the Drive-Thru Produce Market Stand.

  1. At the end of the line or at the register, present your vouchers with your UCI student ID to pay. 

    1. Must write your student ID # at the top right corner of the voucher to redeem them.  

    2. Must have your physical student ID card with you to verify that you are an enrolled UCI student. For instructions on how to get your student ID card, visit this link

Notes about Voucher Redemption

  • Each voucher is worth $30. Please plan ahead and check their price list (link) so you know how much you can buy with $30 or $60, etc.  

    • If your total charge exceeds your voucher amount by $3, you will not be charged. If your total charge exceeds $4 and more, you will need to pay the difference. 

    • Additionally, if you are under the voucher amount, you will not receive any money back.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please click the FAQ button below:

Tanaka Farms is located 3 miles from campus at:
5380 3/4 University Dr., Irvine, CA 92612 

Important! Please plan ahead to make your visit smoother!
Check out the list of available produce and prices below:

Questions about Farm-to-FRESH? Email or text (949) 473-2806