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Zot Out Hunger

Zot Out Hunger does not run during the Summer. We are still evaluating if we can have a meal swipe drive in the fall.

Zot Out Hunger is an initiative working to end hunger on our campus! 

The 2018 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) found that 47% of UCI students have experienced food insecurity in the past year.

Every college student has insecurities, we believe food shouldn't be one of them!

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How to Donate: 

  1. Swipes will be collected during Weeks 1 and 2 of each quarter at our boothing locations:
    • Week 1: Anteatery 11AM-2PM
    • Week 2: Brandywine 11AM-2PM
    • You can donate up to 5 guest meal swipes to a peer!
  2. Fill out the EEE donation survey here.
  3. Sign the physical donation waiver with one of our representatives.

How it Works: 

Donated swipes will be redistributed to students
who apply for the Emergency Meal Swipes Program.

Zot Out Hunger Videos!