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Zot Out Hunger

Zot Out Hunger

Zot Out Hunger

Zot Out Hunger is an initiative working to end hunger on our campus! 

The 2016 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) found that an average of 44% of UCI students have experienced food insecurity in the past year. Every college student has insecurities, we believe food shouldn't be one of them!

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How to Donate: 

  • Swipes will be collected during Weeks 1 and 2 of each quarter at our boothing locations:
    • Week 1: Anteatery 11AM-2PM
    • Week 2: Pippin 11AM-2PM
  • You can donate up to 5 guest meal swipes to a peer! 
  • Sign the donation waiver with us at FRESH or our on-campus booth
  • Sign up link coming soon! 

How it Works: 

Donated swipes will be redistributed to students
who apply for the Emergency Meal Swipes Program.

Zot Out Hunger Videos!