Basic Needs

Fall Leadership Seminars

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Course Description

When students’ most basic needs are not met, it’s hard for them to function, let alone learn. The UC system’s latest student-experience surveys show that 44% of undergraduates and 25% of graduate students across UC campuses are “food insecure.” Furthermore, 5-8% of all students have experienced homelessness at some point during their time at a UC. The Basic Needs Security in Higher Ed Seminar is for students who are interested in learning about the basic needs challenges students face in higher education, basic needs research, a preventative model and strategies to support students, and how to be a better advocate for basic needs on campus.

Seminar Objectives

By participating, students will:

  • Understand the basic needs security challenges students face in college campuses across the nation
  • Explore the major student food insecurity and homelessness research studies and reports
  • Identify the student populations who are most vulnerable to experiencing basic needs insecurity
  • Learn about the University of California Irvine and Student Affairs and its current efforts to ensure students basic needs are met
  • Develop a greater sense of self and agency at the university
  • Enhance their leadership skills to advocate for their needs