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GFI Food Recovery Fellow Application

22-23 GFI Food Recovery Fellow Application

Application Deadline is extended to July 8th!

The GFI Food Recovery Fellow at the FRESH Basic Needs Hub will be involved in efforts addressing food waste and food security efforts with a commitment to sustainability practices across UCI. The Food Recovery Fellow will facilitate engagement efforts to sustain and increase visibility of the following programs in multiple spaces: The Harvest Project, Grocery Rescue Program, Mobile Food Pantry, and Zotponics. 

The Harvest Project is a partnership developed with UC South Coast Farm to harvest locally-grown produce at the farm. The Grocery Rescue Program leverages partnerships with local grocery stores to recover food that would otherwise go to waste. The Mobile Food Pantry increases pantry access for students unable to visit the UCI Food Pantry. The Zotponic system was developed in partnership with UCI’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department to achieve the most cost efficient smart indoor hydroponics system that can be controlled via a mobile device. The fellow will coordinate with the Zotponics Team to schedule growth, harvest, and distribution of food grown in the Zotponic system.

Additionally, the GFI Food Recovery Fellow will serve as a liaison between the FRESH Basic Needs Hub and the Food Recovery Network (FRN) Chapter at UCI. The fellow will attend FRN meetings and actively participate in opportunities across campus to uplift coordinated efforts to increase sustainability practices at UCI.

Applications Due: July 8th, 2022