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Find Out if You Qualify

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Anyone with a U.S. citizenship or Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) is able to apply for CalFresh. An individual/household must meet the following specific requirements in order to be eligible. (Non-U.S. citizens/LPRs and undocumented students do qualify for The Emergency Meal Swipe Program). For any CalFresh questions, please email our CalFresh Team at

Student Eligibilities 

Students must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in/receiving federal work-study or a similar program
  • Receive CalGrant A/B (must be TANF-funded)*
  • Employed at least 20 hrs/week
  • Care for a child age 12 or under
  • Registered with the UCI Disability Services Center (DSC)*
  • Enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program within the School of Education
  • Student Success Initiatives participant:* 
    • Foster Youth Resilience in Education (FYRE) Scholars Program
    • Summer Bridge Scholars Program
    • TRIO Scholars Program
    • The Gateway Initiatives


*Students who are part of the MAT, Law, and Med School Programs must upload this linked PDF with their application.


  • A student who lives on campus with a meal plan must have a 100 block plan or less
  • Students cannot apply for CalFresh if they have an active case in another county
  • Students who have Medi-Cal in another county can't have Medi-Cal in one county and CalFresh in another, so students who apply to CalFresh and are approved will have their Medi-Cal transferred to Orange County as well


An individual/household must have a gross income that does not exceed the limit for the total number of applicants. Please refer to the chart below for household sizes. Each additional household member brings the monthly gross income limit up $748.

CalFresh Income Guidelines


Mixed-status families can still apply for CalFresh if they have eligible members in their households! The California Department of Social Services is not allowed to share immigration information with federal agencies and the information is kept strictly confidential.

Mixed-Status Families can still apply for CalFresh if they have eligible members in their households!