Basic Needs

Welcome to the UCI Food Pantry!

The UCI Food Pantry at FRESH provides emergency food and toiletries to UCI students experiencing basic needs insecurities. UCI students can access this resource with their UCI Student ID Card or ID number. All information is kept confidential.

Before visiting the UCI Food Pantry, please complete the following once per academic year:

  1. Complete the FRESH Intake Survey. This form will assess your eligibility for food and financial assistance and point you towards programs that may particularly interest you. 
  2. Complete the 22-23 Client Agreement Form. This agreement outlines UCI Food Pantry community guidelines, intended purpose of Food Pantry items, as well as general information on food item expiration dates.
  3. Read the UCI Food Pantry Community Guidelines to be better prepared for your first visit.
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Fall 2022

Week 9

Monday 11/21

Tuesday 11/22

Wednesday 11/23

Thursday 11/24

Friday 11/25 






Week 10

Monday 11/28

Tuesday 11/29

Wednesday 11/30

Thursday 12/1

Friday 12/2






We will be closed 11/23-11/25 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Peter the Anteater with a FRESH apron, holding food and produce above.

Parking permits are required. Pantry appointments will be released on Mondays (unless there is a holiday prior to distribution day).

UCI Food Pantry

Section 1

UCI Food Pantry Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the UCI Food Pantry! We have a selection of produce, dairy, protein items and toiletries. Item availability may vary per day. Please review the updates and guidelines below to help  ensure a smooth visit.

How the Pantry Works

  • Students are able to visit the UCI Food Pantry once a week during the hours of operation that can be found on this page. Hours are subject to change.
  • To lessen wait time, appointments can also be made on this page. Walk-ins are still available. 
    • If you are no longer able to visit the pantry at your scheduled appointment time, please cancel or reschedule the appointment.
  • All pantry visitors have 15 minutes to shop. If you arrive late, your shopping time will decrease. A limited number of students are allowed inside the center per time period.
  • Only the student that made the appointment will be allowed access inside the pantry. Roommates, spouses, etc. cannot shop on your behalf. This service is only available to current and continuing UCI students.
  • Abide by our one basket limit for your visit. Do not use your bags to store additional items. If you are a parenting student, let the front desk staff know. A different sized cart will be provided to you.
    • Kindly bring your resuable grocery bags for your visit.
  • When you have finished shopping, utilize the bagging tables outside to bag your items. Please return the dollies and carts.
  • Please only take what you need for the week and remember that this is a community resource.

Other Reminders

  • Face coverings will continue to be available for those who would like to utilize them.

If you are experiencing greater need, please email our Assistant Director, Janine Algabre at to inquire about additional pantry usage and related resources.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience if the wait time is longer than usual.