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“ReFRESH and Replenish”


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During March we celebrated National Nutrition Month, an annual campaign dedicated to learning about making informed food choices and developing healthy eating habits. This month, we are continuing these conversations through our own virtual summit, “ReFRESH and Replenish”! This event will focus on intersectional approaches towards nutritional and personal wellness. With the support of fellow anteaters and guest speakers, we will explore topics such as mindful nutrition, cultural sensitivity to what we perceive as “healthy” diets, personal relationships with food, and food justice.

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  • 10 am Keynote Session:
    • 💚Redefining Nutrition with Taylor Chan, MS, RD, and creator of Food & Fearless @foodandfearless 
  • 11 am: Live DJ wellness break with DJ Tonix 🎵
  • 11:15 am: Workshop Sessions
    • 🤷College Students and Healthy Food Relationships with Yessi Garcia-Ochoa & Hannah Chau
    • 🎨ART-TIVITY: Collaborative Zine with Adrienne Santiago
    • The History of Bodies in Society with Taylor Chan
    • 🍴 From the Grocery Store to You: Intersections of Food Access and Food Justice with Janine Algabre & Erika Mendez

  • 12:00pm: Closing panel



💚Redefining Nutrition with Taylor Chan, MS, RD, and creator of Food & Fearless

Conversations around food often lead to discussing dieting or nutrient content, but food is so much more than the nutrients it contains. Through food, we can learn, connect, explore, and experience joy - which brings meaning to the food we eat. By expanding our definition of nutrition to encompass all of these aspects of food, we can begin to strengthen our relationship with food.

🤷College Students and Healthy Food Relationships with Yessi Garcia-Ochoa & Hannah Chau

This workshop is designed to raise awareness and recognition of disordered eating habits and myths in college. We will be discussing information, resources, and tips on how to implement balance and moderation in eating habits.

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🎨 ART-TIVITY: Collaborative Zine with Adrienne Santiago

Feeling artsy? Join us for our art activity! Students will be able to share their personal journeys with health and food relationships by making digital artistic collages. These collages will be compiled and published into a virtual zine booklet that will be shared with our event attendees and on our FRESH website/social media.


Check out the Zine!

⭐ The History of Bodies in Society with Taylor Chan

The thin ideal is the societal standard that suggests we must achieve thinness in the pursuit of health, beauty, and happiness. This standard is widespread in the media, healthcare, fashion, and our every day, and it perpetuates struggles with body image and dieting for many. Come learn about the history of how the thin ideal came to be and how to begin to distance yourself from the societal expectations around bodies



🍴 From the Grocery Store to You: Intersections of Food Access and Food Justice with Janine Algabre & Erika Mendez

Adequate food access allows people to meet their dietary needs and food preferences to maintain an active and healthy life. Food access is determined by factors including affordability, transportation, and the quality of local food stores. The food justice movement sheds light on these barriers and promotes grass-roots and policy solutions to secure access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food for all. In this section, we will examine how these components contribute to high levels of food insecurity and ways you can overcome these barriers as a college student.

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Featured Speaker: Taylor Chan Founder of foodandfearless

Taylor is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer based in Salt Lake City, who works to bridge the gap between nutrition and physical activity in a way that elevates our relationship with food, movement, and our bodies. She shares colorful doodles through her Instagram that challenges diet culture and expands the traditional definition of "nutrition" by celebrating the social, emotional, and cultural aspects of food. 

10 am Keynote: Redefining Nutrition
11:15 am Feature Speaker: The History of Bodies in Society


Feature Speaker: Grocery Store to You: Intersections of Food Access and Food Justice

Janine Algabre is the Program Coordinator at FRESH. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's in Human Biology & Society: Medicine and Public Health, with double minors in Global Health and Food Studies. Elevating communities to have autonomy and equitable, easy access to nutritious food is her life's mission. As the Program Coordinator at the FRESH Hub, she helps materialize this vision by connecting UCI students to food resources and basic needs programs and services. In her spare time, she loves to sing and go on food trips with family and friends.



Feature Speaker: Grocery Store to You: Intersections of Food Access and Food Justice 

Erika is a fourth-year Psychology and Social Behavior and Public Health Sciences double major. She was a volunteer at FRESH Hub from February 2019 to March 2020 and began to work as a Student Staff Assistant last summer. She is passionate about education and health equity and hopes to work in community health education in the future.


Featured speaker: ART-TIVITY: Collaborative Zine

Adrienne (she/her/hers) is a third-year student at UCI, and she is majoring in Social Ecology with a minor in Film and Media Studies. She is a student assistant at the FRESH Hub and a content creation intern with AnteaterTV. She is passionate about positive social engagement and creatively focused work. In her free time, she loves arts and crafts activities and baking!



Featured speaker: College Students and Healthy Food Relationships

Hannah Chau is a student assistant at the FRESH Hub and a student-athlete tutor for UCI Athletics. As a third-year undergrad studying Public Health Science, she has learned the essential role nutrition plays in living a healthy life. In addition, her experience as a Cross Country and Track & Field athlete for UCI provides her insight into the importance of finding balance and moderation during college. Her passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle is driven by her involvement in the National Eating Disorder Association and other mental health-related organizations. 



Featured speaker: College Students and Healthy Food Relationships

Yessi is a 4th-year student at UCI, majoring in Education, and is the ACTIVE Coordinator for the Cross-Cultural Center. They are a part-time artist that creates colorful, imaginative pieces on different mediums, such as canvases and stickers. They have participated in ASUCI’s Reclaim Mental Health Conference for 3 years now, most recently being a video submission on Eating Disorder Awareness Week. They have also hosted workshops at the Cross-Cultural Center, including one about redefining beauty standards. With the experience and knowledge of disordered eating and eating disorders, they will offer a new perspective on implementing a healthy mindset around food relationships.