Basic Needs

Information for New Students

Info for New Students

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Thank you for your interest in our center and the services we provide to help students meet their basic needs when financial challenges arise.

Our center provides educational resources and direct services to promote basic needs security amongst UCI students. We serve current undergraduate and graduate students, and our services are designed for the specific needs of the students we support.

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Watch this overview video to learn more about our services and programs.

Have questions about our resources or need help getting started? Book a meeting with one of our staff members:

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Basic Needs Coordinator: Anne-Marie Krumrei

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Program Coordinator: Janine Algabre

Please email to schedule a meeting.

Check out our FRESH Resources slide deck

Resources for 2021-22

Educational programs:

Food Access resources available for all:

For parenting students:

Ongoing resources for food security:

Emergency resources for students experiencing financial insecurity:

Direct confidential support with staff:

Remote support for students who cannot access campus resources:

Emergency resources for students experiencing financial crisis:

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