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FRESH Intake Survey

FRESH Intake Survey

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We encourage ALL students to submit the FRESH Intake Survey!

We encourage ALL students to submit the FRESH Intake Survey to assess how they fare in meeting their basic needs as college students! As many of us are current and former UC Irvine students, we know first-hand that the years spent as a student on campus are special. Your time as a student will provide you with exciting opportunities, and may invite you to navigate difficulties as well. Not all of these challenges are academic; many students struggle with other aspects of college life, including living on a low level of income, managing non-academic responsibilities on top of course loads, or navigating uncertain circumstances that could have not been foreseen.

Knowing that many students face these difficulties, we created this survey to match you to the programs and services that can best support your needs during your time here. This form will assess your eligibility for food and financial assistance and point you towards programs that may particularly interest you. At the end of the survey, you will receive a downloadable PDF of services that you may be eligible for!

*All students must submit a FRESH Intake Survey annually to receive our services!

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