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The University of California Global Food Initiative addresses one of the critical issues of our time: how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach eight billion by 2025. The initiative aligns the university’s research, outreach and operations in a sustained effort to develop, demonstrate and export solutions — throughout California, the United States and the world — for food security, health and sustainability. Find more information on their website.

"Wisconsin HOPE Lab: Harvesting Opportunities for Postsecondary Education
"Researchers in the Lab are working to find ways to make college more affordable. We study the costs of attending college, explore counseling and other approaches to help families contend with those costs, and experiment with approaches to lowering the costs while ensuring that students earn degrees of value." Find more information on their website.

#RealCollege: A National Convening on College Food & Housing Insecurity

October 23–24, 2017
Without sufficient food and a good night’s rest, undergraduates across the nation are struggling to learn. This national crisis demands action, and #RealCollege is a meeting of the leaders who accept that challenge and are working to transform higher education to meet the needs of every student.