Basic Needs

Monetary Donations

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Thank you so much for thinking of supporting our students in need!
We accept monetary support for the pantry via UCI Give located here.
If paying by check, please view the gift instructions here.
Below are some ways the UCI and local communities have supported us.

Previous Campaigns

Swipe Squad

Zot Out Hunger Crowdfunding Campaign

Our "Swipe Squad" student leaders ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Emergency Meal Swipe Program, which awards UCI students in most need access to full meals at our Dining Commons via the application process. The campaign, located here, started on September 27th and ran until December 27th. "The Swipe Squad" is a collaboration of the ASUCI Food Security Commission and the FRESH Basic Needs Hub team, and with the help of our amazing community, we raised $4,170! The donations helped us provide our students with fresh, nutritious meals to contribute to their success on campus!

Zot Out Hunger also collects donated Guest Meal Swipes from students during the first two weeks of each quarter. More information can be found here.

UCI Humanities

UCI School of Humanities Crowdfunding Campaign

UC Irvine's School of Humanities raised $15,001 during their Crowdfunding Campaign for FRESH from November 1st-December 1st!

"Why Humanities?

     Food and the study of food—why, how and what we eat—stand at the heart of the human experience, connecting our families and communities to each other and to the natural world. Meanwhile, famine remains a significant cause of war, migration, and mortality, and its unequal impacts are likely to increase in this century of climate change. 
     In the Humanities, we study not only the state of things as they were and as they are, but also as they could be. We believe UCI’s FRESH Basic Needs Hub is a beautiful sign of what can be when compassionate leadership takes center stage."