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FRESH Basic Needs Hub from 10:30AM-12:30PM!

1/22: Knife Skills!

Do you know how to properly hold a knife or how to cut an onion? One of the most basic parts of cooking is learning how to use a knife properly. Come watch Chef Jess demonstrate the proper techniques of using a knife.

2/5: Cooking with 5 Ingredients of Less!

Can you imagine a well-rounded meal created with only 5 ingredients, not including, oil salt or pepper, of course? There are a lot of great recipes that are well-rounded meals with just 5 easy ingredients, come explore some with Chef Jess!

2/20: One Pot Cooking!

Just a pot and a stove, that's all you need to get a hearty meal in front of you. Learn some tricks with flavoring, and storing some of those leftovers you might have!

3/5: Using Spices to Build Flavor!

Spice blends are the perfect way to spice up your cooking. From sweet to savory, each spice can bring new life to your favorite dishes.

3/19: Meal Preppting at Home!

Chef Jess will explain the basics of meal prepping at home. With templates as well as advice for cooking storing, Chef Jess will share the infinite ideas of meal prepping at home.

Meet Chef Jess!

Born in Madison Wisconsin and raised on the island of Taiwan, Jessica VanRoo brings not only knowledge but a passion for international cuisine. While traveling throughout Asia, Jessica has picked up flavors and techniques that reflect culture and tradition.Today, Jessica is the Director of Culinary Programs at the University Of California Irvine, where she teaches culinary classes to students, staff and other corporate clients. She is also part of the Orange County School of Arts Culinary program, getting high school students ready for a career in the culinary arts. Another niche that Jessica carries in her back pocket is her ability to teach children. From being able to show a four-year-old how to correctly hold and use a knife, to making pasta from scratch, Jessica prides herself on her ability to connect with children on an instructional level. Jessica is also spearheading the discussion of food on the UCI campus through “Conversation Kitchen,” as well as Illuminations “Cooking with the Professors,” programs. When it comes to food, there is nobody more eager to teach, showcase, and share her knowledge with the rest of the world. Jessica VanRoo’s passion for the culinary arts and nutrition are unrivaled, and her versatility in the cooking world gives her a skill set that is second to none!